Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Phoebe, My Buffay (Buffet)

Okay, I know I may be like 10 years too late to be making Friends references, but whenever someone says "buffet" the first thing that pops into my head is Phoebe Buffay, so deal with it. So some of you may recall my search for the perfect buffet ended when my aunt gifted me with the vintage one you see before you. It had been gifted to her nearly 30 years ago by a neighbor who bought it at an estate sale 20 years before that. . . so the piece has some history and it fits all my fine china, so I try not to hold the fact that it isn't exactly my style against it.

To counter act it not being my style I've done my best to vignette it up (not sure that's an actual phrase) to more of my liking.

The buffet is currently home to one of my Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams's vases, my glass jar filled with funny paper balls, a little catch all box, my stereo, and, yes, a fake orange in a knitted bowl.

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