Monday, April 6, 2009

Feeling Lucky

I've had a recent string of good luck - in the past two months I've won two blog contests (more about those later) and a charity raffle. . . I've also had some good luck in the shopping department - I was in desperate need of casual pants and I find a super sale where I end up scoring 4 pairs of pants for under $30!

My luck was in full swing Friday. I wrote about this radio/alarm clock/iPod dock from Crosley and what do I find on clearance at Target?

Oh heck yeah - within a few hours of my posting about it I found it for $41, and to top it all off I found the Aerosmith edition of Guitar Hero for $13.98, thus making me the best aunt in the entire world. . .

I realize that posting about my lucky strike will probably jinx it, but it's been a good run so I'm willing to take that chance.

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