Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Party Planning

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cute Dresses Make Cute Costumes

Wild Cat: Dress | Kitty Ears 
Panda: Hat | Dress
Pair an animal print dress with a pair of rhinestone cat ears and call yourself a cheetah, just don't call yourself a cheetah girl. . .  Staying on the animal train, add a super cute panda cap to a super cute white dress with black accents and you're a cuddly panda bear!
Maid: Apron | Dress
Prom Queen: Dress | Crown | Sash
Wear a cute black dress with a little white tea apron and carry a feather duster, boom - you're a cute maid (or add a pair of fishnets and you're a sexy maid).
Get in on a little Carrie action (pre-blood bath), wear a vintage style dress, a sparkly crown and a prom queen sash.
Cat Lady: Dress | Cat 1 | Cat 2 | Cat 3 | Shoes
I saved the best for last. . . The Crazy Cat Lady! All you need is a kitty print dress, a pair of adorable kitty shoes and Fluffy, Skittles and Lola to carry around for the evening!
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Back To School Update

I was able to turn that pointy ugly mess of silver from my last update into the not-so-bad-if-I-do-say-so-myself  shiny pendant below.  I am a sucker for shiny and I'm kinda proud of myself for not just trashing it when everything seemed to be going wrong. . .

I stated a few other projects, but  they may end up being gifts, so I can't really share them yet.