Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wrapping Simple (And Cheap)

I am a fan of a pretty package and find it super easy to get carried away with fancy bows and lots of frill at Christmas time, but when you have a ton of gifts to wrap, it can become majorly time consuming and expensive. So I save all the glitz and glam for Toddlers & Tiaras a few extra special gifts and then follow some very easy rules of wrapping for the rest.

What are those rules you ask? Keep it simple (and cheap). I do all my gift wrapping supply shopping at the Dollar Tree -

I pick up a few rolls of their printed kraft paper and a few rolls of grosgrain ribbon in Christmas-y colors and for under $6 I've got all my packages taken care of.

Here are a few of my wrapped gift ready for their bows -

I must note that the Do Not Open Until Dec. 25 paper actually came from a clearance bin at Staples for $.50 a roll (I can't resist a bargain).

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