Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One Place, One Space: Z Gallerie - Study

The last Z Gallerie One Place, One Space room I did was the living room of sophisticated lady. This time I'm tackling the study of a debonair gentleman.

He has salt & pepper hair and a hint of a beard. He drives a classic sports car that doesn't come across as a mid-life crisis purchase. He has an ex-wife or two and a string of younger women who would gladly become his third. He prefers a gibson to a martini, but can't turn down a good scotch. He is who James Bond wishes he could be.

- Wall Map
- Wall Clock
- Antler Hooks
- Desk
- Chair
- Desk Lamp
- Armillary Sphere
- Cabinet
- Martini Glasses
- Martini Shaker
- Jacks
- Bar Tray

Yeah, I just realized that I just described the guy from the Dos Equis commercials.


Kelly Coulson Photography said...

stay thristy, my friend.

Garage said...

The environment for this page is so relaxing, the designers mix perfectly the right colors. Now I can't wait on the outcome of the study.