Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lovely Package Exchange

I have a huge shopping problem and when Christmas time comes around my "problem" becomes a full on addiction. Yes people, I am addicted to Christmas shopping. So when Danni of Oh, Hello Friend announced that she was bring back her Lovely Package Exchange this year I was all over it.

I was paired up with Jella from Honey My Heart. I had a wonderful time shopping for her (can't tell you what I got her, she hasn't received it yet) and I had an even better time gathering up my packaging supplies and putting together a lovely package -

I have a weakness for kraft paper (again, can't show how it was packaged instead the gift because she hasn't received it yet).

Here it is in the box, ready to ship -

My weaknesses also include crinkly packing paper strips.

The same day I shipped Jella's gift out I recieved mine in the mail -

I am such a sucker for glitter! I'm doing my best to wait until Christmas to open it.

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Anonymous said...

I was part of this too. Yours seems so cute!

xo kristen