Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Made a Wreath (and you can, too)

As the post title states, I made a wreath (and you can too). I was totally inspired by this wreath made by Pickles, but hand felting all those balls and then sewing them together was just not in the cards for me. I wanted something easier, and a little more Muppet looking, if that makes any since.

You want to made yourself a wreath?

All you need -
- a wreath form of some sort
- a big bag of pom poms (I got mine for under $3 at Michael's with a coupon)
- a hot glue gun (with plenty of glue sticks)
and some time. . .

Simply hot glue the pom poms to the wreath form until you are happy with the coverage (be careful, I did burn my fingers with the glue gun a few times) and then hang that sucker on the wall -

Bam! You got yourself a wreath!

1 comment:

Kelly Coulson Photography said...

LOVELY! Although the wreath I really want to make is this bad boy right here!