Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two Station Craft Table Options

I love having a studio in my house.  It's the room that I spend the most time in each day (other than when I'm sleeping, duh). 

While I love my studio, I am still not super happy with it's layout.  I have yet to find a pull out love seat that both a) would work in the space and b) I could afford (I really have no budget).   But beyond the seating issues, my not happy with my craft table set up.  I'm still working on the very small diner table (seen here). Every time I want to sew I have to clear off my entire work space and drag my machine out, then put it away and drag everything back out. 

I thought the whole idea of having a dedicated crafting space meant being able to have a place to sewing and crafting without having to rearrange things all the time.  So what I need is really two crafting stations, one for my sewing machine and one for everything else.  I figure the sewing station doesn't need to be as large as the general crafting station because it really just needs to be able to hold a sewing machine.

These are a few options I found -

At $269 the BESTÅ BURS Desk from Ikea is long enough to allow me to have two work areas at one desk.

At a total of $278 Ikea's small and large LEKSVIK Desks give me two stations while being easy on the eyes.

At $807 the Martha Stewart Craft Tables and Flat-File Cabinet are not only out of my price range, but are also too large for the space (but lord are they pretty).

At only $20 a piece the LAIVA Desks from Ikea are a steal, but I'm not sure they'd be big enough and I'm just not feeling them.

My best beat is Ikea's MICKE Desks & Drawer Unit. It's hard to beat 3 pieces for $177 and I have the option of only getting the large and small desks and skipping the storage piece.

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