Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Decorating with Glee: Sneak Peek - Rachel's Dorm Room

Last night a Glee fan asked me if I could source the bedding from Rachel's dorm room and provided me with a picture of the new season 4 set (apparently taken by an extra) -

Always up for a challenge I set off in search of mythical season 4 bedding (okay, that's a little overkill, but this is a Decorating with Glee post, so being overly dramatic is just par for the course).

And beating my own personal best, I sourced that puppy in under 30 minutes -

It's the Springmaid Lindsay Sage Brush Duvet Set and you can pick it up from for under $80!

Thanks Spencer for being such a loyal Decorating with Glee fan!

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workshop shed said...

Wow! Great job. You certainly found the same design. Cool!