Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Shatterproof Christmas

I mentioned before that I was terrified of the mix of Elsie and Christmas this year. Almost all of my Christmas ornaments are blown glass and most of my decorations are vintage. I've already decided that I was going with a wreath theme to avoid Elsie ruining my decorations, but I was uncertain about how I was going to deal with the Christmas tree issue. . . I even thought about skipping the tree all together. . . but I am a tree person (I had 4 Christmas trees up in my tiny one bedroom college apartment), so going treeless really isn't an option. . .

That's where these lovely shatterproof ornaments come in -

I've had plastic "unbreakable" ornaments in the past and, well, they've always looked cheap, but these glittery Country Living ornaments from Kmart totally save the day. Not only will I be able to put up a Christmas tree with ornaments that I like, but it won't empty out my wallet either!
(I saw them in person before I decided on going with the shatterproof Chrismtas tree idea)

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