Wednesday, May 20, 2015


As I mentioned before, I started taking silver-smithing classes last fall. In November I had a small table in a local vintage show, the whole show was kind of a bust.  The turn out sucked and I just made enough money to cover fees and dinner that night.

After that show I was a bit gun shy, but I had already made jewelry for everyone I know, so I either had to try to sell some again or quit taking the class. . .

So last month I had a booth at a local Earth Day festival -

Because it was an Earth Day event, I made most of the jewelry out of recycled metals (brass, cooper and silver plate).  

And guess what?  It didn't suck.  In fact I did pretty well.

I really enjoyed myself and I'm looking for other craft shows to tackle in the fall (when it isn't so darn hot) as well as working on getting a website set up. 

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