Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Saving the Succulents

You know how some people have a green thumb and some people have a black some, I'm pretty sure my thumb is tie-dyed.  My plants either thrive like crazy or off themselves in the middle of the night. . . Over and over people have claimed that succulents are almost impossible to kill, yet I have managed to do the impossible more times than I care to admit. 

Remember those cure little planters I made a while back that I filled with succulents and shoved in my kitchen window? Well I managed to kill one in under 3 weeks. . . how do you even kill a succulent in less than 3 weeks?! The other two plants weren't doing much better, so I flooded them with water, shoved them back in the window and promptly forgot about them.

That was until Elsie knocked one out of the window this past weekend, their soil was bone dry and the poor things were all shriveled up.  I almost throw them out, but I just couldn't let another succulent die on my watch without putting up a fight.

I pulled them out of the window and gave them some water (just enough to wet the soil, not enough to make a puddle). . . I left them out of the sun for a few days, adding just a tad of water every afternoon - and this crazy thing happened, they plumped back up and no longer looked dead! 

They still aren't out of the woods yet, they don't look dead anymore, but they don't look healthy either. . . I'm keeping watch, being gentle, and hoping that I can save the succulents. . .

Any green thumb having people out there have any advice for me?  Should I keep adding just a little water daily? Or should I let the soil dry out a little between watering?

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