Monday, March 31, 2014

A Wonderful Weekend

I had such an amazing weekend! It all started Friday night when Kelly and I went to the Avett Brothers concert in Boca Raton.  We grabbed a great spot right in next to the stage (as you can see from the instagram above).  I'll have more pictures for you later in the week.
Friday was all Avett, all the time. . . followed by a night (super early morning) of insane charley horses from standing for so long - totally worth it. 
Saturday morning I went and got my hair did and made a crazy awesome (if I do say so myself) hat.  That afternoon I attended an  English tea party baby show, hence the crazy hat making.  After about 8 cups of tea I headed over to my friends' new house to help do some unpacking.  The house is beautiful (not to mention a perfect party house) and came complete with a vegetable garden!
Sunday was take it easy day.  I went back to my friends', did a little furniture assembly.  Then I came home, threw some corned beef in the slow cooker and watched Under the Tuscan Sun with Elsie.
It was seriously the best weekend I have had a very long time.

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