Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Simple Halloween Costumes

We're a full week into October, so that means it's time to start planning your Halloween costume (if you haven't done so already).  Last year I put together some last minute costume ideas. . . this year I'm giving you an excuse to buy yourself a cute new dress, one that won't limit itself to being worn only one night a year!
Pair a form fitting red dress with a set of devil horn, maybe throw in some fishnets and killer pumps and you have yourself on smoking devil costume!
Find a beautiful shift dress, add a bejeweled headband (a simple DIY, maybe) and a long strand of knotted pearls - bing bang boom, you're a flapper girl.
All if takes to become Tanya Harding is a cute skater(ish) dress and a crowbar, bonus points for a frizzy pony tail and teased bangs.
My personal favorite, a peter pan collared dress with a pair of braids and you're Wednesday Addams (remember, not smiling allowed while in costume).
And last, but not least - pair a nautical dress with a simple sailor's hat and you've got yourself a sailor costume.

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