Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY: Fox Mask on a Stick

With Halloween looming I decided I need a quick costume option for last minute outings and work. . . hence Felicity Fox (though you could use the mask and just be a fox, fox - no literary reference needed).

What you need:
  • a wooden cat mask on a stick (I picked mine up for $1 at A.C.Moore)
  • 3 sheets of craft felt - 1 off white, 1 orange, 1 black
  • glue
  • scissors
  • black and white paint 
I started by priming the mask with the white paint, then I painted the stick, back and edges black.
Next I traced the shape of the mask onto a piece of paper and then cut the paper free hand to make a fox template (see above).
Then I traced the template pieces onto the felt and cut them out as well.
Finally I glue the felt pieces to the mask, let it dry and them WHAMO, I have a fox mask on a stick.

Pair the mask with a yellow patterned dress and you have Felicity Fox, pair it was a suit and you have Mr. Fox. . . pair it with anything else you have a well dressed fox.

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