Thursday, September 19, 2013


Spotted while I was wandering around Target, an awesome brass and wood bar cart and brass fox(!) bar accessories. I wanted so badly to shove them in my cart and make a break for the cash register, but alas, I was there for frozen dinners and wine, so I pulled out my cell phone and took the awful pictures you see above.
All the pieces are part of the new Threshold Entertaining collection and thankfully you can find the Wood and Brass Finish Bar Cart, the Brass Fox Wine Accessory Set  and the Brass Fox Cocktail Shaker all online.
Also part of the collection are these Brass Dot Decanters (in short and tall), which I totally didn't see in store, but think are pretty nifty anyway. 
I would have gone with awesome instead of nifty if it weren't for the glass etched lines making the dots into trees. . . I see the possibility of a DIY in my future.

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