Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Enjoy the Silence

A few months back I was lucky caller #9 and won a pair of tickets to Depeche Mode's Delta Machine Tour.  The concert was this past Sunday, and while the seats weren't great (we were like 10 rows from the ceiling) and band was amazing!  Fittingly, they opened the show with Welcome To My World (pictured above).

Dave Gahan put on an excellent show, he is one awesome front man! Martin Gore (pictured above right) wasn't too shabby himself  the few times he took the lead.

I don't normally like concerts this large (I tend to freak out in large crowds), but there is just something amazing about thousands of people singing Enjoy the Silence together that you can't get a smaller venue.
Kelly snapped the picture on the left just before the band hit the stage and the one on the right mid-show. See, I told you we were in the nose bleed / panic attack seats. Luckily for us, the concert was awesome enough that it made the crappy seats totally worth it. 

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