Tuesday, September 10, 2013

For the Love of Florida

  • The Beaches of Florida poster isn't normally something I'd go for, but it included Sombrero Beach - which happens to be one of my favorite spots in the Keys. 
  • I couldn't do a round up of Florida posters without a reproduction of a vintage Florida travel poster.
  • I was totally surprised to find a Pompano Beach print - gotta show some Pompano love!
  • What better way to rub it in to the rest of the world that you live in paradise then with a print proclaiming your home state as the land of sun shine.
  • Some vintage Florida bathing beauties playing tug-a-war on the beach? Yes please.
  • Repping your love of south Florida and adding an awesome piece of art to your gallery wall is not small task, but the Florida Love print pulls it off  (Kelly approved).
  • A little typography and a reminder that Flo Rida is just Florida with a little extra space (Kelly approved).
  • This print of a Vann painting features another one of my favorite Florida spots, Blue Heaven in Key West.
  • This letterpress print of a mocking bird in some orange blossoms lets you show your state pride without screaming "I'm from Florida!"
  • This simple watercolor silhouette of Florida is my favorite of the entire bunch.
  • And just to remind everyone how truly awesome Florida is - Crockett & Tubbs. . . adding Vice to the name of a city was never cooler than in Miami.

If you want to find some state themed prints featuring your home state just head over to Etsy and search your state under art prints - you'll have more options than you know what to do with.

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