Friday, August 10, 2012

Puppy Loved

Here are a few of Emmett's (and my) favorite things:
  • Cheap Fleece Blankets - Emmett loves to wrap himself up in a blanket, so we have a ton of these super cheap fleece ones just for Emmett. It keeps him happy and keeps my good throws from turning into dog beds.
  • Collapsible Travel Pet Bowl - Emmett and I have been road tripping quite a lot lately, so having travel bowl is a must. . . it's no fun sharing a water bottle with a chihuahua, let me tell you.
  • Mini Tennis Balls - Emmett loves these super small tennis balls from Pet Supermarket. I'll be in the living room when all of a sudden this little ball comes bouncing into the room followed by an overly happy chihuahua. He seriously plays fetch with himself with these balls. Best part, they're only 99 cents!
  • Buddy Belt - Emmett has had some collapsing trachea issues, so a regular collar was never an option for him, but because of his rather large for his size chest he has a hard time fitting into a standard small harness. So in comes Buddy Belt to fix all our issues! I first saw them on Anna of Door Sixteen's dogs, they aren't cheap (Emmett's was around $50), but they are well made, are basically a custom fit and are totally worth it.
So those are a few of Emmett's (and my) must haves!

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