Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Details, Details, Details

At the beginning of the month I told you that I (okay, my dad) finally hung my giant Swedish map above my sofa in my living room. It was awesome to finally get that thing out of hiding, but there was one that irked me. . . those darn brackets that my hold it up without causing any damage were just plain ugly!
So I set out to pretty them up a bit -
It didn't take much, just two little wooden rectangles from the craft store and some hot glue. I know it sounds silly, but it just looks more finished with those cheap little wooden pieces hiding the brackets.


Jen said...

At first glance, I thought "Backwards Scrabble tiles?" :)

Huge improvement!

<3 jen @ stuff jen did

Laurendy said...

I'm not sure if Scrabble tiles would have been big enough, but I totally wish I would have thought of it, maybe an E and a W for east and west. . . hmmm, I may have to do that