Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Put A Rug On It

So I've owned this home for almost 4 years now, so I figured it was about time I put a rug on it (yes, Put A Ring On It was running through my head when I came up with that one).

Of course, me being the most noncommittal person in history, it's only a $10 cotton rag rug from Old Time Pottery - 

You can't really beat a 4' x 6' rug for $10! And it's not ugly! In fact, it actually works with my aesthetic (yeah, I'm calling my mish mosh of a style an aesthetic).

I couldn't get a picture of the rug without Emmett on it, he was totally confused with this soft thing on the hard floor.

Sad fact - I've actually had this rug for at least a year (maybe two) just sitting around until I could commit enough to putting it down. . .

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