Monday, July 16, 2012

1000th Post Reminiscing!

1,000 posts, holy cow! When I started this blog on a whim on a random day in May I never ever thought I would still be blogging here 4+ years later or that I would ever hit the 1,000 post mark.

- Just the facts -

Most Viewed Post: Light Bulb Chic Look, followed closely by my Decorating with Glee posts.

Strangest Comment: (it has been deleted for obvious reasons) "you're pretty for a fat girl, we should get married, want to buy a table?" - I totally wish I was kidding, seems I attract the strange ones both online and in the real world.

Favorite Post to Write: It's a tie between all my crafty / DIY posts, I love doing those and I hope to do them more often from now on. I also love putting together the One Place, One Space posts.

- The Future -

I plan on keeping on. As mentioned, I want to do my crafty / DIY posts and some more food related posts. I also want to do some actual design makeover posts (like the current  K & A project).  I'm finally putting together an actual house tour of my place (you know, like 4 years late). . .  Oh, and I think it's about time to give the blog another face lift, I'm kind of obsessed with beauty that is outer space at the moment, as seen in the graphic above (I blame watching too many episodes of The Big Bang Theory).

Oh, and I'm looking to do a give away soon - not sure of what yet, I've got to go shopping still, but be on the look out for that.

Oh yeah, and one more thing -


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