Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Picnic In The Park

I was going for a retro meets boho meets Alice in Wonderland vibe -


We start with a fancy throw from Anthropologie playing the part of a picnic blanket, we add in a some retro inspired cooling with an ice bucket from Urban Outfitters and a cooler from Crate & Barrel. Set the mood with some lighting from West Elm.  Throw in some mix and not-exactly-match plates from Anthropologie (flowered), Oka (green), and Crate & Barrel (turquoise) paired with some bright yellow handled flatware from CB2 and glasses from Crate & Barrel (love, love, love the glasses).  Keep it all neat with red and yellow striped cloth napkins from West Elm.  Add in a cute little toy bug from All Modern for a touch of whimsy. And what picnic would be complete without an awesome picnic basket Crate & Barrel.

And there you go, you have yourself a Retro Boho Alice in Wonderland-ish Picnic.

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