Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oh! To Paint Or Not To Paint?

I bought an Umbra Oh Chair about eleven years ago on clearance at an office supply store for $15 (score!).  The chair served me well through out college, but it has spent the last few years sadly shoved in storage (with a few of my other chairs, what can I say, I have a thing for chairs).  I think it is about darn time that this chair make a comeback in my life. . . there is just one little thing keeping it in storage. . .
I hate the color of the legs, it's the weird silver tone that is a bit too shiny for my tastes. . . So, my question(s) is(are): Can the legs be painted? | Would it look good with black legs? | If painted, should I go for a high gloss or a matte finish? | What do you think?


Jen said...

Paint! It's not a priceless treasure; it's a mass-produced plastic chair, so make it one you really like. You could spray paint that so easily with a can of Rustoleum. I'd go white, depending on the room, but black would work, too. Just be very careful to cover the parts you don't want painted, and go with a matte finish, since shine is what's preventing you from using it as-is. If changing the original design really bothers you, you could even use matte silver paint.

sheds brisbane said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I would definitely look lovely on black legs.

Kelly Coulson Photography said...

1. yes
2. yes
3. matte (always... we've discussed this)
4. that I'm tired and need some Earl Grey.

:) Hope this helps!

Laurendy said...

Alright, the legs at getting a coat of black matte paint this weekend (as long is stops raining)! I'll post the updated chair next weeks.

Thanks everyone!