Thursday, May 17, 2012

TV Corner Idea

Worst Polyvore Board Ever

I've made it pretty clear that I don't like the current set up of the tv corner of my living room, so I whipped up this little Polyvore board to sorta illustrate what I have in mind for it -
A leaning shelf unit with the middle shelf left out to accommodate the tv, the extra shelves would allow for some styling and my dvd player.  I want some sort of large painting to cover my wall mounted antenna and a large woven basket on the floor to hold some of Emmett & Elsie's blankets.

What do you think? Is the tv on a ladder shelf crazy, or will it work? I am so bad at making decisions! Help!


Jen said...

I like the idea, but I'm wondering about scale and proportion. How wide is the wall you want to put it on? If most of the wall is left blank, that might look disproportional and imbalanced. But it looks very nice on Polyvore!

The only ladder shelf I've ever had was too flimsy to support a TV. I couldn't even fill it with books because it wasn't sturdy enough! But if it's going to be placed on an exceptionally narrow wall, and if you can find a heavy, sturdy ladder shelf, it would look very nice.

Laurendy said...

The wall is only 38 inches long. I am worries about the stablity of it all. It is such a weird little corner, I want something that takes up most of the wall space so that it doesn't look so unintentional.

Biscuit said...

As long as there are cheetahs permanently on your tv screen, I'm down.

Jen said...

For a 38 inch wall, that will be just right! I say go for it, but buy the shelf in person and give it a good shake before you make the purchase. :)