Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I finally bought some of the Ikea OVÄNTAD vases I had been eye-balling for so long. 

I end up with two of the small ones and one tall gray one - for a total of $7.95! Yeppers, I got myself a deal - the little ones are only $1.99 to begin with, but the tall one was on close-out at $1.99 as well!!

Oh, and if you did the math and can't figure out where the other $1.99 went - it fell out of my cart in the middle of parking lot. . . there may have been cursing. . .

I think they will go nicely with my gold Jonathan Adler vases.


Amanda Silver said...

Your new accesories look awesome...I love the color and shapes, so stylish

Laurendy said...

Thank you Amanda, I can't wait to actually get them in place