Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear West Elm

Dear West Elm,

Why are you trying to break my heart? Back at the end of April I was in your Hallandale store when I spotted the most beautiful coffee table, but at $399 it was out of my price range. I wanted to forget about said coffee table, but I couldn't, I was totally completely in love with it. Everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, I would head over to your site, hoping to find my love on sale. . .

So imagine my shock when all of a sudden, instead of going on sale, the coffee table went from $399 to $499. . . yeah, after months of looking with longing at the coffee table of my dreams you went and upped the price!

What is up with that?


PS - Just to clarify: 1. I waited to write this post hoping the price was some sort of mistake

2. I've completely taken the table off my wish list, I see no point in making myself sad

3. I simply wrote this post to vent, not to bad mouth West Elm, I still love them whole heartedly, I'm just sad about the coffee table

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