Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby Shower Preview

Okay, so the baby shower I hosted for one of my best friends happened well over a month ago and I've been majorly slacking in the sharing of said event. . . but, I promise, I have my reasons.

While I planned on taking a ton of pictures before, during & after the shower, I wasn't able to snap a single photo myself. Every thing I planned and did the day of the shower seemed to go awry - the tea sandwiches took twice as long to make, the decorations didn't want to adhere, I had accidentally cut some of the table cloths wrong (they ended up being window swags), I forgot a very box of supplies at home, the cupcakes feel over in the car. . . etc. etc. etc. . .

I didn't get a chance to change into my pretty pink outfit before people started arriving. Lucky for me my friends took a ton of picture and no one seemed to notice all the details that went unfinished.

I'm doing my best to gather and edit the photos my friends took. Until then, here is a little sneak peek via my sister -

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