Friday, July 15, 2011

Decorating PB's Place - Living Room

~ I'm putting together a few mood boards in hopes of getting my friend PB to stop living like a college student and decorate his apartment. I've limited my search to stores he has locally. I'm trying to keep the mood boards simple so that he has plenty of room to grow and add his own touches if he chooses to. ~

The final room we're tackling for PB is his living room. The room is long and narrow, there is a half wall dividing the living and dining rooms and the wall opposite the entrance in taken up almost entirely by a fireplace and two tall narrow windows.

Artwork - Target
Sofa - Ikea
Two Storage Cubes - Crate & Barrel
Throw Pillow - Crate & Barrel
Bookcase (to be laid on its side) - Ikea

The bookcase is going on the half wall across from the sofa, it will also be used to hold a flat screen t.v. on the end near the fire place.

Speaking of the fireplace, it needs some accessories of its own -

Mirror - Pier 1
Grass Plant - Crate & Barrel
Vases - Crate & Barrel

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