Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Okay With Tacky

I know I harp on all things "tacky" every now and then, but I firmly believe that a little tackiness is good for you. And my Florida State Semignomes are my favorite tacky guilty pleasure -

Please excuse the horrible cell phone picture. Now for full disclosure, this guys hide away in my bedroom behind somethings on my bookcase and only come out on game day, but was cuddling them proudly as the Noles crushed the Canes a few weeks back (which is why there are tons of soda cans behind them in the photo).

So, what's your favorite guilty pleasure item you have hidden in your house? Or am I the only one with secret stash of tacky?


reanaclaire said...

hello..first time coming by and wishing u good day... please do keep in touch..

by the way, can i have your email? thanks!

Lisa said...

I have a collection of gnomes that hide around the house (I'm hoping that they will get busy and do some chores).