Friday, May 28, 2010

Fiesta Party Invites

As I mentioned in my last post - I really like party planning. So this year I'm going all out and not letting a single detail fall by the wayside. Being that the first thing your guests see is the party invitation, that's where we'll start.

This is an edited version of the invitation I sent out to my guests -

I wanted something simple, casual, and most importantly FUN. How can you beat a chihuahua with promises of tacos and margaritas for all. . . crap, I just noticed that I misspelled margaritas. . . okay, so maybe I shouldn't have made these in the middle of the night and sent them out without proofing them. . . guess I can say that Emmett made them. . .

Oh well, if you don't mind the misspelling I have a lovely blank PDF version is here for your downloading pleasure.

This post might be better suited for the Biscuit & Sissy blog, but, whatever - I make my own rules.

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Lisa said...

I heard that maragritas are the new margaritas this summer.