Thursday, September 11, 2008

the Indoor Pool

What better place could there be for a pool than in the middle of the living room?

None!! When it's nearing 90 outside and all you got is a little hand pump to inflate a pretty big kiddie pool moving it indoors quickly becomes the most desirable option.

At first the Kiddie thought it was quite silly - "Aunt Laurendy, there is a pool in your house!" - once the shock wore off (which was almost instantly) he decided that the pool should stay in the house permanently:
Kiddie: Aunt Laurendy, let's put the pool in your bedroom!
Me: Well where will I put my bed then?
Kiddie: You don't need a bed, you have a pool!
He had a point, but the pool stayed in the living room anyway and quickly became the favorite spot for movie viewing.

Eventually we moved the pool outside, filled it up, and promptly found out that we picked the worst spot in the yard for it. . .

Yep, we found the one very slanted place in my yard and plopped the pool down there, the left side it much lower than the right, and every time the Kiddie and his brother moved around the water would come pouring over the left side making the yard (and eventually all of us) a muddy mess.

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