Friday, September 12, 2008

Bathroom Update

Giving me hope that I will actually be able to move into my house at some point - the one and only bathroom is now completely livable!!

Let the choir rejoice - Hallelujah!

Now, it's far from finished, but you can use the toilet and take a shower and for the time being that's all I need.

Still to come:
  1. Install pedestal sink
  2. Change light fixture
  3. Install new medicine cabinet
  4. Hang Ikea Lack floating shelves above the toilet
  5. Take out the ugly tile floor and access the damage to the original terrazzo
If we can't save the terrazzo then I will most likely go with some sort of black tile.

1 comment:

Amalie said...

Forgive me if I've posted about your bathroom before, but our pink bathroom made me fall in love with our house, too! Ours is a 1920 bungalow, but the bathroom was redone in 1952 in a similar pink and dark burgundy scheme. It still has the 1952 console sink and toilet and cast iron tub and the matching floor tile.

I'm always so excited to see similar bathrooms, and ESPECIALLY excited to find other people who don't just want to tear them out!