Friday, July 25, 2008

What I (Don't) Got

While I was making a list of all the things I need to buy for the soon-to-be-mine house I realized that I don't have any canisters!

Canisters are a pretty big deal, cause, well, I love to bake and cook. . . I just love the kitchen, it's the most important room in a home. . . I have pots and pans and dishes and gadgets galore - so the kitchen was the last place I thought I would need to buy anything for. In fact I thought I would have to purge some of my kitchen lovelies, so it came as a shock when I realized that I don't have canisters.

My stainless steel canisters that I had in my college apartment stayed in my college apartment. . . so now I need something new in their place.

I really like the look of clear glass canisters like these:

but, I have to be very careful to find some with a very tight seal. This is south Florida after all and ants and their buggy friends tend to a problem.

All canisters can be found through Target

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20 Something Superhero said...

I have ones similar to the top ones... that I bought at Ikea that are very airtight. Sometimes, it's a little tough to get the lid off if my hands are wet lol. I use mine in my bathroom to hold cotton balls and q-tips (the kitties like to eat them). They look great, plus they were super cheap!