Thursday, July 31, 2008

Too Many Choices

Okay, so you buy a house, what is the first thing you do?

Pick out paint, of course!

I've always been a fan of color - I've got a collection of paint chips that would rival Lowes - I can't walk into a home improvement center without walking out with about 50 colors in my pocket (I've got big pockets). So now that I had to choose some colors I was finding it a bit difficult to make a choice.

I had a basic idea in my head - a latte / tan / coffee color for the "great" room, kitchen, and bathroom and Tiffany-ish blue for a wall in the kitchen:

I narrowed my tan choices, taped those suckers on the wall - and then made my little sister hold up the blue chips next to them until I found a combo I liked.

With the help of my mom and said paint chip holder I finally found the hopefully perfect colors. . .

Now I just have to remember where I picked up those paint chips. . .

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