Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, apparently the seller wants to make the repairs - which is awesome, but where does that put us in our timeline? We are suppose to close a week from today, you know in 168 hours, give or take a few. . . I know we could have gotten the work done by then (we being my family and their many and assorted friends and contacts), but now it is in the hands of some bank in Cali that doesn't even really know where the house is. It looks like they are going to use the companies we got the estimates from (ie: my family and their many and assorted friends and contacts) but when they will contact them to do the work is another story. I am locked into my interest rate until the 17th, so that gives us 2 more weeks to play with, but that further delays the moving in. So again, we wait. . .


Jenni said...

Good Luck! From reading all your posts, it looks like you need all the luck you can get. Silly Banks. The positive thing is..if a bank owns a house, it is in their best interest to get rid of it.
I am glad we got our house when we did. Although sometimes I feel trapped because we cann't afford all the repairs that need to be done, but atleast we have a roof over our heads that someday will be ours or someday we might make a little money off of it.

Laur said...

I haven't had the best string of luck recently - I think it's making up for last year, there was about a 4 month period where I was really lucky.