Monday, June 23, 2008


After I finally got the good news on Friday I was ready to start repairs on my soon-to-be-mine house. In all actuality, we a suppose to wait and get permission from the seller before we start any work, but, well - have I told you I'm not so good with the waiting thing?

So come Saturday afternoon my dad and I headed over and got started. Because we don't yet have permission to be there working on things we did the bare minimum. Dad replaced a light switch, and a few sockets, and took down a ceiling fan that was just hanging by a few wires. $0 spent so far (dad had a bunch of rocker switches and sockets left over from a project at home). I spent most of the afternoon scrubbing the bathroom - the tub went from greenish black to almost white, woohoo. Then the two of us cleaned out the attic - lord there was a lot of crap up there for such a tiny space; 2 tvs, an empty computer town, 100 feet of yellow cable, a broken stained glass pub light, Star Trek computer games, an old christmas tree stand, the old attic hatch, some random wood moldings, and a bunch of glass christmas ornaments - everything but the ornaments went bye-bye. It was a very long afternoon, and good god was it hot, but it felt good.

Oh, and only one minor injury - I took a chunk out of my knuckle - just enough to sting like hell, not enough to warrant any sympathy.

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