Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Okay, so there is this thing that banks can do to you when you are buying a fixer-upper, as I am, called a hold back.

Basically, the bank can hold back part of your loan if your house is in disrepair equal to that of what they believe the repairs will cost.

Now, hold backs aren't a new thing, they're not unusual - they're just stupid!!! It's like they're saying "hey, we need you to pay more money to us up-front for repairs, and then we're not going to give you all the money you need to buy the house, and then once you've bought the house and you've made the repairs - than we will give you the money we've held back" - It's just plain dumb. You have to be able to afford the repairs twice.

And now here I am, waiting to see if my bank is going to do a hold back. They were supose to let me know yesterday. Don't they know I am not good at this waiting thing?

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