Thursday, June 19, 2008

Granite on the Cheap

So Saturday night I'm sitting home watching HGTV (cause that's what you do on Saturday nights) when Design to Sell came on. I generally only half watch Design to Sell, Clive gets on my nerves, but on this Saturday, Greg P. (also from WorkOut) was the carpenter, so I paid a bit more attention than I normally would. And boy am I glad I did.

Lisa LaPorta whipped that house into shape, and the kitchen make over - gorgeous! It didn't even look like the same kitchen; refinished cabinets, granite counter tops, the works!

take a look for yourself:



Look at that! The kitchen, and two other areas were done for under $2000! The best part, brand new granite counter tops for under $500!!! Lisa said that she bought them pre-cut from a national supplier* and that anyone could get them for that price. So with very little research I found out that the supplier was Foothill Marble and Granite. I was trying to get a bit more information about them, but their website so does not like me.

If anyone has better luck with their site, has heard of them before or has used them, please share!

*I don't know if I heard her correctly

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