Friday, May 29, 2015

DIY: Wooden Bubble Gum Ball Necklace

Everyone and their brother has done a painted wooden bead necklace diy (seriously, I have an entire Pinterest board of them). So I figured it was my turn.

I wanted to make one that my nieces (ages 5, 4, & 3) would be totally into, hence the Wooden Bubble Gum Ball Necklace was born.

3 large bubble gum ball sized wooden beads
1 smaller wooden bead
3 bottles of nail polish in bubble gum ball colors
2mm leather cord (or any beading cord if you want if you aren't into leather)

Start by painting each of the 3 large beads with a different color of nail polish.  I used nail polish because it gives the beads that nice shiny bubble gum ball look.  I choice to leave the smaller bead unpainted, but you can paint it if you want to.

Tip: sit the beads down on a piece of scrap paper (with the hole facing up) and then paint the top half the bead, let dry and then flip over and then paint the other side.  Let the painted bead dry over night.

Next it is time to cut the cord and string the beads.  Decide how long you want your necklace (making sure it can slip over your head) and then add 8 inches.

String on the 3 large painted beads.  Knot the cord, leaving a tail that is at least 4 inches.

Slip the smaller bead onto the tail cord until it is up against the knot.  Secure the bead by adding another knot.  Then trim what is left of the tail to a length you like.

And now you have yourself a Wooden Bubble Gum Ball Necklace.

Wear and enjoy!

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