Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back To School Update

 I'm about halfway through my jewelry fabrication class at The Art School and I'm still loving it.  I'm super proud of my first two projects. So far I've made a twisted sterling silver ring (above) and a copper and stone pendant (below).
My family have all started making requests for birthday and Christmas gifts. . . I see a lot of rings and pendants in my future.
Not every project goes so smoothly . . .  
Last night was the first class where I really struggled. Three hours of work, and this setting just wouldn't cooperate with me. . . I overly heated one side so it went saggy, I melted two prongs right off, one prong didn't solder correctly and popped right off, and I burnt my finger. 
But on the upside, I feel much more at ease with the torch and I should be able to fix most of my mistakes next class.

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