Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Cucumber Soda Cocktail Challenge!

A few Saturdays ago I was hanging out with my best friend Kelly and my little sister at the Thousand Pound Egg in Fort Lauderdale. It was a super hot day so we grabbed some super refreshing Mr. Q Cumber sodas. It was decided that Mr. Qs would be awesome in a cocktail. Kelly and my sister debated which spirit would best pair with the soda, gin or vodka. The friendly debate  transitioned into a friendly challenge. . . and thus the cucumber soda cocktail challenge was born. 

The rules of a challenge for a very simple -

Meet at my house the following Sunday with a cocktail recipe that must include the cucumber soda, I would provide the vodka, gin and Mr. Q Cumber soda along with glassware.

Yummiest cocktail wins.

That following Sunday, Kelly and my little sister showed up for battle.  It was quickly clear that these two women had extremely different tactics - Kelly, being the foodie that she is, came prepped with freshly made watermelon and cucumber juice, she also came with 3 cocktail recipes.  My sister on the other hand had a plan to go the super simple, refreshing route.

My sister made a simple spiked cucumber soda, unfortunately she made the mistake of using a splash of crème de mint instead of fresh mint. . . and well, the results didn't even warrant a photo. . .

So it came down to Kelly's 3 different cocktail creations -

- The Cucumber Tequila Shooter -
- The Cucumber Watermelon Quencher - 
- The Cucumber Grapefruit Refresher -
I loved the shooter, but the watermelon and grapefruit cocktails paired better with the Mr. Q Cumber soda. . .
Both cocktails were delicious, but in the end it all came down to texture - one cocktail was just a bit smoother than the other.
And the winner is. . .
The Cucumber Grapefruit Refresher!

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