Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Obsession

I've gone two and a half years without cable and the world hasn't come to an end, but there are a few things I miss. One of th those things is all the cooking shows on Food Network.

So I was super excited when CBS launched their new Saturday morning lineup, which includes not one, but two food shows back to back - Recipe Rehab and Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals

Other than the fact that it's a food show, I don't really care about Recipe Rehab. . . but I am obsessed with the Jamie Oliver show.  In fact I have taken to planning my Saturday mornings around it's viewing. He throws together the seemingly intricate meals and just 15 minutes and he totally has you believing that you can do it too. . . of course his pantry comes prestocked with herbs and spices that us normal folks never knew existed.

The show's CBS page leaves a bit to be desired, but at least you can rewatch each 15 minute recipe (the show originally aired on Food Network Canada, but their site isn't much better).

Oh, and how can you not love a show that uses Neneh Cherry's Buffalo Stance as their theme song?!

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