Friday, January 17, 2014

Florals in the Attic

Yes, this is a Flowers in the Attic inspired post. . .
If you are sick and twisted like me, you freaked out a bit when you found out the Lifetime network was releasing their own version of the V.C. Andrews classic.
I found my first V.C. Andrews' book while at my grandma's house and I was sucked into her world of tragedies, love, lust & heartbreak.  So, clearly, I totally can't wait until this Saturday's Flowers in the Attic premiere. . . Seeing that I still don't have cable, I am going to watch at my parent's place, hopefully I will be able to talk my dad into making popcorn (he seriously makes the best popcorn on earth).
While Flowers in the Attic and it's follow ups are the best known V.C. Andrews series, I am partial to the Landry family tree. . .

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