Thursday, November 21, 2013

Love & Hate & Ikea

 As much as I love Ikea, my last few trips there have been on the traumatic side, the crowds were too much for me.  I don't do well with crowds. . . heck, who am I kidding, I don't do well with people, so crowds just make me extremely uneasy.
So this time I decided to go on a week night hoping that it wouldn't be too crowded, and luckily it wasn't.  I went with a pretty short shopping list, just 3 things.  I wanted to pick up the new deer stuffed animal for my nieces, but when I saw it in person I passed - the legs are freakishly long and the smile was on the creepy side (don't worry, I did find another stuffed animal for them).  I also wanted some ornament display holder thingy from the holiday section - I bought 2.  But the real reason for my trip to the place that I love and hate all at the same time was to pick up a bunch of their honeycomb ball ornaments. . .  which were sold out.  They were the only holiday item that they were out of. . . I may have cried a little. . . 
So I left with only one of the three things I went for. . . but I somehow still managed to spend more money than I planned. . .  DARN YOU IKEA! 
So the moral of the story is - if you happen to go to an Ikea and see that they have the honeycomb ball ornaments in stock, buy at least one set of the every color and then send them to me.

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Librarian Tells All said...

Bummer! We don't have IKEA in Nashville, and I'm kind of glad. I know I'd spend too much money if we had it!