Monday, October 21, 2013

Party Pinning

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I allowed myself to be talked into hosting a Halloween party this year.  I've been super busy with work, my house is a mess, and I'm starting to freak out a little bit getting it all together in time. 
I want to keep things simple, so to give me some direction I put together a quick Pinterest board.
1. I've been wanting to make these mini monster pumpkins since the first time I saw them, now I have an excuse.
2. I want to make a Jello brain, but I'm going to add a twist to it by adding alcohol (basically it will be a giant Jello shot).
3. Ouija Board graphic from Country Living blown up huge to be the backdrop for the photo booth.
4. Candy infuse vodka. . . Happy Halloween!
5. Instead of going the simple route and wearing a red satin dress and some devil horns, I decided to adapt to make this Bjork costume idea plus size friendly (SO MUCH TULLE!).  Crossing my fingers that 1. I get it done in time & 2. I don't look like a giant feather duster.

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