Monday, August 26, 2013

Repurpose DIY: Mini Geometric Planters

I spotted these little bitty dip bowls at Target (sorry, can't find them on their site) and thought to myself these are way too awesome to be filled with bean dip. Then I realize they would make excellent mini planters.
It also didn't hurt that they were also super cheap (two for a dollar) so I bought a ton of them and brought them home with me.

all you need:
some cute little plastic bowls
a drill
a few mini plants
a little soil

You want to flip your little bowl over and find the center. Luckily for me these little oddly shaped bowls had a little divot that I used as my center point.  Now very carefully drill* yourself a drainage hole.
*every time you use a power tool make you follow all of it's safety guidelines and proceed with caution.

Now you have a bunch of dip bowls with holes in them! (I know it's hard to tell from the photo, but there are holes)

Next flip your bowl back over and get planting!

 BAM! You now have yourself a little mini geometric planter!

Now, just repeat until you fill up your windowsill.

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Anita said...

Hey Lauren!

Sorry I wouldhave e-mailed but couldn't find a contact.. I love this project & you bought quite a lot of these - any chance you have any extras you could sell me? Target has long since discontinued this item. Thanks so much, you can reach me at