Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DIY: Coin Statement Ring

I was wandering around the sewing section of my local craft store when I spotted some pretty tacky replica coin buttons, and I thought to myself "wow, those are some tacky buttons, but they would make awesome rings". . . and so, another super simple DIY was born.
Supplies (all can be picked up at your local craft store):
 tacky shank backed replica coin buttons, assorted ring blanks, E6000 glue, pliers

First you want to pair up your ring blanks with your buttons, I tried to match the finishes up as closely as possible.
Next you want to remove the buttons shank. I used a pair of pliers and just pinched it them off on the plastic ones, on the metal ones I used the pliers to wiggle the shank back and forth until it fell off.*

Once you have the shanks removed, go ahead and use a little E6000 and glue the ring blanks in place.
Then you just have to wait for them to dry (I suggest overnight).

BAM! Now you have yourself a pretty rad coin statement ring!

*You want to be careful and choose buttons with shanks that are simple to remove - one of the buttons I bought ended up with a super thick metal shank that I had to have a professorial remove with a grinder. . . which is way too much work for what is suppose to be a quick and simple craft.

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