Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Red, White, & Blue Berries & Cream Bites

With July 4th quickly approaching I was looking for a bit sized dessert that was light, refreshing, and, of course, super simple to make.
This is what I came up with - Red, White, & Blue Berries & Cream Bites!
What you need -
  • vanilla pudding
  • whipped cream
  • blue berries
  • strawberries
  • phyllo shells
tools: a cooking sheet, a mixing bowl, a large spoon, a small spoon, a cutting board & a kitchen knife
Note: You can use any recipe you want for the pudding and whipped cream (or you can buy them pre-made, I won't judge you for it). When it comes to the berries you can experiment, I choose strawberries & blue berries for their patriotic flair (and because I had blue berries on hand from a failed recipe attempt).  The phyllo shells can be found in most super markets' freezer section.

Lets get started!
In a mixing bowl fold together equal parts vanilla pudding and whipped cream (go ahead and taste it, it's super yummy). 
Wash your berries and slice up you strawberries, you want the slices to be on the thicker size so that they stand up to the fluffy goodness that is the cream mixture.
Crisp up your phyllo shells according to package directions (you can use them straight out the box if you are pressed for time).

Using a small spoon, carefully fill the phyllo shells with the cream mixture. The phyllo shells can be pretty delicate.
Carefully place a slice of strawberry on one side of your cream filled shells, then place a blue berry on the side. Depending on the size of your berries you may be able to fit a few more berries in each bite.
Last step. . . ENJOY!

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photos taken be Kelly Coulson Photography for Laurendy Home

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