Thursday, July 11, 2013

Half Hearted Bar Cart

I've been wanting a bar cart for a while, so I had semi-high hopes when I decided to throw one together less than an hour before I was expecting a house full of people.
High hopes dashed.
I grabbed the vintage kitchen cart I've been using as a nightstand out of my bedroom and plopped it down in the corner of my living room.  Then I gathered up some booze and some bar accessories that I had on hand and plopped them down on top. . . and that was it.
It worked for the evening, but it is just so sad looking.  It's is a start, but I need to find me some bar cart inspiration.


Librarian Tells All said...

You're doing better than me. I still don't have room for a cart in my tiny place! My favorite bar cart inspiration always includes a shiny silver ice bucket and fresh flowers on top, and pretty glassware on the shelf below. At least you already have the most expensive part--the booze!

Laurendy said...

I think I have the glassware figured out, I picked up a case of tall quilted Ball canning jars. I like my drinks to be a little cheeky, so I want to cart to reflect that. . . (I think, come tomorrow I may completely change my mind).